Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loc'd and Loaded with Palm Rolls!

Ok, Ok I keep "rediscovering" this blog. But now it's going to be put to good use. You see, today I skipped the trick or treating and just decided to get myself a treat....go to the hairdresser in other words.

My hairdresser has been talking to me about getting my hair loc'd since I started going to her two weeks ago. I detest doing my hair, but it's so pretty in its natural state that I finally decided to do it some justice and start going to a hairdresser. Besides, most of the time my hair is worn in a curly fro/ shake n go anyway. Telling her my aversion for all things "hair done by self" she quickly suggested that I get locs.

Naturally, I was a little apprehensive because that would mean no more curly fro. YIKES! But that also means, I can look "decent" as my mother says by not having my hair looking like a fallen cake when I decide I want to go days without touching it. HA! So yeah today, I was just going in for a straw set (something that would keep my hands out of my hair for another week or two). I think she set me up though because when I got there this morning, there wasn't an unloc'd head to be seen anywhere (unless of course I looked in the mirror). Head after head of beautiful locs swam before my eyes. I swear they were beckoning me with their gorgeous selves. I wanted them but just didn't want to leave my afro behind. I mean seriously, have you seen my hair?! Take a look at my profile pic...see how stunning it is? :)

Loc'ing wasn't something to just jump into, so I said to myself..."Self, go 'head and pray on this". But instead of praying, I proceeded to call my mother and my aunt to get their thoughts on it. They had the nerve not to answer their yep I was forced to ask God for His input (truth be told, I should have been doing that from the beginning anyway). Sure enough, He gave me the green light. I guess He was tired of me not taking care of my He set me up with something that would be gorgeous with light maintenance. I tell you one thing, I'm happy He decided not to just blast me for taking my hair for granted. I don't know what I would have done if I'd have waken up one day and saw tufts of hair decorating my pillows. YIKES!! Yep so I did it! I started the loc journey. Loc'd and loaded with Palm Rolls...check!

How do I look?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Old Habits Live Long

Wow it's been over two years since I last posted on this blog! I just happened to find it while cleaning out my email. I am still on my happy kinky journey and would love for ya'll to come on down with me. YAY!!!

C'mon and ease on down the road.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

3 Decades...

This is my official "Happy Birthday To Me" post. I can't believe that I'm actually 3 decades old! I don't look a day over two...well I'm sure there are those that won't agree but who cares. LOL I had a pretty good time today. Treated myself to some exercise and some much needed rest. Then went out to dinner. Funny thing happened tonight too...some dude and his friends in a pick up truck decided the wanted to harass us on the highway. We moved over a lane to let them by, well they didn't like that so they sped up behind us and tailed us for about a mile. Well my friend who was driving got pissed and chased them down for about 15-20 mins. They were so shook. I was laughing...had the time of my life cracking up too. What a way to start off my year! LOL

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Power Is Yours

Recently I've been feeling (and basking in) the power of being a Black Woman. We truly do have the power to change the world if only we would apply ourselves. Men have told us, and we've allowed ourselves to believe, that we are not worthy of being worthy. I'd be a fool to allow myself to keep believing that I and my cultural sisters are not forces to be reckoned with. We are the chosen. We are the often imitated, never duplicated. We are healers, life bearers. We are changers, trend setters, nurturers. Being a Black Woman is better than being all you can be...we are the greatness there is! We are feared. We must allow ourselves to be what God has destined us to be. "Be ye unafraid oh sister of my soul." Claim your greatness, embrace your destiny. Know that you are the greatest being that has ever walked this earth and beyond. KNOW IT and BELIEVE IT...bask in how you EMBODY IT.

(Someone needed to have this message delivered. It's yours. Claim the greatness of you!)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bless Becomes Bootylicious

Ok so I'm turning 30 next Saturday (April 7). Don't even get me started on where the years have gone because I have no earthly idea. I'm feeling the older generation (shudder to think I'm closer to this demographic than I care to admit) when they say time flies. But all age related complaining aside, I'm happy that I've gotten this far. Like they say...I wouldn't give nothin' for the journey.

Anyway, I've started a new self re-imaging campaign--Bless Becomes Bootylicious. I'm getting back in shape, taking better care of myself (never more needed than now since the middle age spread isn't too far off), learning (and applying) beauty tips, going to the spa at least once a month and keeping this fabulous, glorious head of natural hair (mine of course) healthy. I'm proud to say my mental health is up to par, regardless of what anyone else says. I'm really looking forward to this journey not to mention the transformation---from Tomboy to Tomcat...rrrrarrr (yes, I know...a very pitiful attempt at a cat's growl). Only thing is...I wonder why turning 30 is a such a big deal that it incites change? Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on the journey, including before, during and after pics.

Oh and before I forget (hush, no age related jokes) the post image is a painting called "Bootylicious" by Harlem Artist Nicole Folkes. Check her out. This Sis is bad!